Missing Tag


Just a small problem which maybe is of my own design.


I open ten unamed and untagged flac music files in mp3 tag. I then select all and go to Amazon de. to get the information. So far no problem.

I then get the information. A box then comes up saying writing tag information. All the information is saved. When I look to the left title screen on mp3tag all the information is in order. But when I go to the music file itself no information is shown under properties or tag! What am I doing wrong? In other words the file itself does not appear to be tagged.

Interestingly, I use J River Media Jukebox and the tag information is shown on the player!

And yes, I think mp3tag is a superb tool and I've used it many times for individual files.

Thank You


What do you mean by "going to the music file itself"? Are you trying to view the tags in Windows Explorer?

Hello Florian,

Thank you for the fast response.

Usually when I hover with the mouse of a music file I see the tag information. Likewise if I right click properties I get the file information: General/Audio Properties/ID Tag/Summary.

The audio properties tab usually shows all the information

I am using Windows XP SP3

Thank You

Have you tried to use another version of ID3v2 tags as described in this sticky post?

Hi Florian.

Thanks for the tip. I have now fixed the problem. I use db Poweramp and I checked to see if it had the flac codec installed. It didn't so I installed it. Now all the files are showing the information including a small thumbprint of the album cover.

mp3tag is a superb tool.



I did Florian but it had no effect. The flac codec seemed to do the trick.