Missing tags

Some files are missing the tag information. When I Import these files into WMP they are put in the unspecified group even though they are located in the same folder as other songs on that album. When I open those same files in MP3Tag, all of the tag information is there. It just seems that window is unable to read it. Has anyone else had this problem

What kind of tags do these files have?
Windows can't handle ID3V24-tags.

Define a column in Mp3Tag and select the value: %_tag%.
So you can see for all your loaded files what kind of tag they have.

They are all ID3v1 ID3v2.3

The location in a folder should not be the reason for strange behaviour.
You could check the files with mp3val.

I'd be lying if I told you I understand why this should work, but it did! Thank you very much.

First-time user, and I really thought Mp3tag was going to be the answer to many problems.
I have the same issue as Rich(?) No idea why I "Save the Tag" and it won't attach to the mp3 files in

They play correctly. What on earth does "check the files with mp3val" mean? If that's the answer
please explain to a third-grader. Thanks very much.


MP3tag is a program for tagging. Exclusively.
If your problems arise from the audio part or the file header, you need other programs that deal with that.
One of them is "mp3val" (see user poster's link for that). It checks if header and audio part fit.
If the header shows information that leads to an invalid offset for the tag, it could be that you do not get the correct tag information.

Thank you very much again - this was a great help. :smiley: