Missing tags

Hi all,

I've just started using MP3Tag and my collection is pretty meticulously tagged. Yesterday though, i copied some files from one drive to another and now a bunch of those copied files (over 600!) have lost their Genre. I've read a few things here in the forums about tags disappearing if they've been edited by other programs, but the only other thing I did was import them into Serato and my understanding was Serato builds it's own DB of info and doesn't actually update the files in any way.

Something very weird is happening. If I go back to the original versions all the genres are there, and if I look at the files in Serato, all the tags seem to be in place, but MP3Tag is not showing them. Also, when I look at the originals in MP3Tag the Title is missing from some of the files but it's there on the copies. Is there an explanation or a solution for this? I can't find one here in the forums although I guess I could be searching on the wrong keywords. I'm really not in the mood to go back and re-tag 600+ files with a genre!

Any help in getting these tags back without having to manually re-enter them would be very much appreciated.




can you send me a small file showing this issue for analyzing purposes?

Kind regards,