Missing these useful tools from WMplayer:

  • Adding multiple tags that are separated through semikolon
    (even if this is possible, files that are tagged multiple are shown as with single tags, apparently the first one that was put in before the semikolon)

  • Seeing a list of all existing tags without listing the files, so that you can just add a wrong or missspelled tag and change every other file
    (though this is possible by just sorting the tags and then editing all these the files, it takes much more effort, depending on how much files you have to search for and scroll through)

Thank you!

This is a feature of the WMP; MP3tag separates multivalue fields with \\ So if you define the display of fields where you expect multi-value fields with e.g. for Artist:

Sorry, I don't understand: don't you have to list the files first before you can see which fields are in the files?
And then there is always the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) which probably shows you more tag fields than the WMP will ever do.

Thanks for your answer! I will show you the examples I am dealing with right now, when I tried to edit all files of the "Pagan & Viking Metal" category:

All tags of these music are tagged with "Trollish" have been tagged also as Viking Metal in Windows Software ("Trollish; Pagan & Viking Metal"), which does not appear any more in the extended tags dialogue


This could be a problem as different system use different separation codes! AC/DC as artist has been recognized as two different artists in Winamp separated by "/", but I chose for me to be unique to the Windows code. So I still have to seperate my tags by ";" but am afraid of editing them now if the invisible separated Tag could be deleted (okay this is not really a big problem, but you know...)

This is necessary if you want to view the files (or let's say tracks), but WMP shows the option to just have a list of the diferrent artists, genres, etc ... without listing all the tracks. I didn't find this one in MP3tag - but I searched, I promise.

So I tried to select all tracks consisting the same tag. In this case "Viking Metal", which I wanted to change completely to "Pagan & Viking Metal". But even this is not possible, as the editor always changes only one track (as you see) even if I select multiple tracks.

Thank you!

If this does not appear in the extended tags dialogue then WMP has saved this data only in its database but not in the files.
Just for a test: remove one of these files from the WMP database by deleting it and then right afterwards restore the deleted files again - you will probably find that now the second set of genres is missing in WMP.
WMP maintains a database - Mp3tag does not. This also means that unless you update the WMP database regularly, you find old data in the WMP display... MP3tag always shows you what is actually there.

If you can load your whole collection into MP3tag then you can easily filter for a certain genre with e.g.
genre HAS Viking Metal

You would have to describe how you did that.
When you select the files,
either open the extended tags dialogue or use the Tag Panel
enter the genre data that you want to have
and either press Ctrl-S in the tag panel to save the update or simply close the extended tags dialogue with OK then you will get updated data in the files.
Now you only have to tell WMP to reread the files and update its database.


I found this topic before, but though I started a new question because I was confused that the ;-tags did not even appear in the MP3tag Database:

Sorry, but this is wrong. I copied the tracks between different computers, and every one recognized the "T;P&VM" tag, which is also shown in the normal Windows Explorer. THIS is why I decided to use only the Windows separation code.

But yes, always finding the same old tags in the WMP database even if I just edited them is one reason why I switched to a correct file-editting tool like MP3tag.

Now I found the filter. Maybe I did not look for this tool because I was disappointed with it in another software. Lol.

I still don't think you understand me yet.
(If this is a personal conversation lack, we may try to talk in german.)

I can update the tags, no problem.

But when I edit the tags, I can only edit ONE tag and not many tracks at once. Even if I select many tracks, the tags are changed only in the one I right-clicked or chose first. The other ones are ignored and so I have to copy and paste the tag in every track beneath instead of editing all of them at once.

You may want to check what kind of tag versions you have in the files.
I suspect that some have APE tags and they are not in sync with the ID3 tags.
So you see the APE tag data in MP3tag and some other in the WMP.
You should try to get only ID3 tags in the files.

This is absolutely astounding. It is one of the main features of MP3tag that you can edit not just a single file of field.
So where do you edit the field? In the files list? Then it this is clear: in the files list only the current file is handled and modifications are not forwarded to other files.
Use the tag panel or extended tags dialogue instead.

In fact, not even WMP now recognizes the double tag. It shows all files only as "trollish". Windows Explorer too, but it shows also that the tag words must be some part of the file, because it can be found, even if it's not shown. So it seems, you are right. I will control this again when I watch the files with the WMP in which I edited the tags first. I suggest that WMP has edited the first tag as ID3 and the second as APE. Crazy...

But: Tracks that contain both tags in Windows Explorer visible are separated in MP3tag with "\" - so the Windows Explorer seems to save the ID3 as well. And the code varies, even if the information ist the same. This is different from Winamp, which translated the information, but not the code and misread every slash as separation. So it should be no problem to use the different codes. In Winamp this has not been possible.

It has benn absolutely astounding for me too, because I didn't assume this in a 9 year old program with obviously such good critics and support. Now it works with the other features you suggested. Great. Do you think it's useful to add this function also to the file list, or should it stay just like that?

Okay, one last thing:

[quote="Synctag, post:10, topic:41217"]
Tracks that contain both tags in Windows Explorer visible are separated in MP3tag with "" - so the Windows Explorer seems to save the ID3 as well. And the code varies, even if the information ist the same. [/quote]

This seems to work only in one direction, because when I edit the tags in Windows Explorer, double-tags appear in MP3tag as separated. On the other side, tags edited in MP3tag as separated do not appear both in Windows Explorer, only the first one. Strange.

Another "missing useful tool from WMplayer" is, that I cannot view the file in the item folder of Windows Explorer. I have to search it in the Explorer separately. If this was better, I could easily compare the file in both programs.

It is not clear for me what you mean with double tags.
There are multi-value tags which show as 2 separate tags in the extended tag-menue and there is just 1 tag with a more than 1 content.

To have the feature of invoking the windows-explorer and having the focus on the selected file you have to define an entry in the tools-option of MP3Tag.
Name: Explorer here (or any other name you want)
Path: c:\windows\explorer.exe
Parameter: /e, /select, "%_path%"

You can invoke this "Explorer here" with a right-mouse-click on the file, selecting tools and "Explorer here".

Be careful and better don't edit tags with the windows-explorer. As I had to experience the explorer corrupts your tags if you have self-defined ID3-Tags.

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Then think about using up a system where you substitute the / sign with something like \ or _ for the purposes of issues with names legit names likes AC/DC

This is indeed how I personally deal with the issues of varous illegal characters- in FILENAME I substitute the / with _. [And when I copy the data from FILENAME to TITLE the _ is "translated" with an adequate code to /]

Are you referring to the fact than in the main window you an edit only one file at the time* while in Tag Panel one or more than one**?

Of course it should stay that way!

* Unless you select multiple files and execute an action on them that can affect all of them, depending on the code and or data of that action

** Depending on how many files you have selected in the main window