Missing Title & Artist

  1. In the Filename field I have the artist and the title of the song.
  2. In the Title field this is blank.
  3. In the Artist field this is blank.

I want to change all 63 songs in one go so

  1. In the Filename field I have only the song title.
  2. In the Title field it automatically writes the title of the song.
  3. In the Artists filed it automatically writes the artist.

How can I do this? Why are the Title and Artist information missing on certain albums?

I would attached a screen shot in word but the file is too big.

It may be just as easy to just write down a filename.
In principle you can import information from a filename with the function Convert > Filename - Tag.

e.g. if you have a filename like
Beatles - Let it be

then enter the following pattern for the converter:
%artist% - %title%

I could give you a more accurate example pattern if you told the exact filename.
I cannot answer the question why some files of yours have missing information.

First get the tags right,
As ohrenkino said, use "Convert/Filename - Tag"

Click the "preview" to see what the result would be till you get your format right.

Then use "Convert/Tag - Filename" and use
as the format

As for screenshots, don't use Word, it's horrible for graphics.
Use something like Irfanview, crop and resize as necessary, save as a jpeg or png.

You can filter (F3) out the missing info by using:



artist MISSING

Or to get both the artist and title with missing info use:


Then use whatever pattern suits the filename to fill in the info or you can use a script to fill in that info automatically and more. Scripts can be found here: /c/web-sources-scripts