Mixed Case Conversion not capitalizing articles

Got a bit of a weird issue I could use some help with. I just installed version 3.13 and my Case Conversion action is not capitalizing articles like "a" "or" "the" "on" etc.

My Case Conversion action is set like this:

Field: ALL
Case conversion: Mixed
Words begin from/after any of: (-

Previously, that would do something like this:

Before: Bang on it
After: Bang On It

If I manually change the TITLE to "Bang On It" and then run the Case Conversion action, it changes it back to "Bang on it".

Not sure what happened. If I messed something up after copy/pasting my Words begin from/after any of:, but would appreciate any help figuring this out.


UPDATE: Weirdly, this seems to only happen with one particular album. That I've noticed so far. I ran the action on a different set of tracks and it worked as expected! Then I put the troublesome album back in, ran the action, and it removed my capitalizations on the articles again.

Have you included the space character?


I'll update the main post, but oddly enough it only seems to be happening with one particular album... so weird.

So, if it works in general and just one album doesn't then you would have to find (locally) what the difference is.

I would check that album for an abnormal character in that space prior to the word "on" as that is likely the issue.

Since this is only happening with that one album, I am going to mark it as completed. I checked for weird characters around the letters with the issue and nothing seemed out of place, but I don't think it's worth wasting anyone else's time over.

Thanks, all.

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