Mixed Case modification needed


I use the built in case conversion a lot, but every now and then there is a song title that doesn't convert right. Sometimes artists like to name their songs with only capital letters, divided with punctuation marks, ie Xavier Rudd has one song called G.B.A which converts to G.b.a which is not correct. I think it would be fairly easy to modify the routine to capitalize letters directly following a punct. mark in addition to those following a space.


Yes, indeed. And the good thing: you can do it yourself.
Just create a new action, give it sensible name e.g. "Paceman60 Capitalization" (ok, I said "sensible")

Select as type "capitals" (or whatever that is called in English)
Select the field or _all for all fields
Select "normal" as the format
Enter the alphanumeric letters you would like to have as word limiter, e.g.

[ < ( /".

and everything should work out nicely.


I know that, I have made quite a few custom actions which do quite a lot of useful stuff. My intention was that it just shouldn't be necessary for each user to do it themselves when it is so easily implemented.


This capability already exists. The case conversion action and the $caps() and $caps2() scripting functions let you designate additional characters that trigger the start of a word. I'm not sure any of them only capitalize letters following spaces, but instead also recognize a few punctuation characters. You can easily add the period and any other characters that you like.

I tend to only use $caps2(), so that caps already within the string are preserved. See the documentation on scripting functions.