Mixed up artist and titles in Windows Media Player

Usually this is the process i would use to edit my tags.
I would go to File then Change Directory
Open where the album is at.
I would select all the files and edit common fields IE: Album, artist etc
Then i would click away so the program could save the changes.
Afterward I would go back and edit each file individually for fields like track name etc
and thats it.

The strange thing i havent booted up my pc for a month went to windows media to make some changes to some new songs i got and behold the oddest thing. All my songs names had been switched with other track names. Now all my songs have the incorrect information and i have to go back and re edit everything. Is this a known bug? Is their something i can do to prevent this. Now i am going back and select all the songs and before i do anything i hit X to erase all previous information. :confused: sad that i have to redo everything.

When you add an Mp3 file to the WMP library it reads the tags and builds a database record for that track and from that point on WMP reads the database and not the tags.

So if you use Mp3tag to edit the tags for a track that's already in the WMP library, you'll change the tags but the old data will still be in the WMP database.

What you can do if that happens is delete the track from the WMP library and then add it back in so that it builds a new database record.

Better yet, don't use WMP. :smiley:

WMP only reacts to changes or when forced to re-read directories.
Add your music folders to WMPs set of watched folders.
WMP detects changes when it is open while you edit the tracks.
If you have made changes while WMP was not open, re-scan the watched folders (press F3).

Sometimes, admittedly though, MWP gets a hick-up . Then only deleting the file from the library and re-scan again will set it right.

This issue seems to have happened in windows media player. Artist and track names appear on songs that are not the right file :confused: and this is for my whole library.

But are the tags OK? If there are, I would delete the WMP database and the next time you open it there will be a new empty database. Then add your files back into the library and the database will be rebuilt with the correct data.

Personally I would never use WMP as a music database, there are too many problems with it. Try MediaMonkey instead.

Some applications like the media center rely on WMP and there is no use to revert to a different program. So you have to cope with the "features" of WMP.
Still, I agree with you that WMP sometimes has a certain stubbornness to accept the right data for the right tracks and a new start is then the best remedy.

If you use Windows you're pretty much stuck with WMP. It does do a few things well, it's a fairly good video player and it's OK at streaming audio. It's the database that's awkward to work with. WMP 10 wasn't too bad, but it's gone down hill since. Another weak part of WMP is CD burning, it just doesn't work that well.

There are a lot of music database programs that are much better. I mentioned MediaMonkey but there's also Winamp, foobar2000, Quintessential Media Player, jetAudio Basic, MusicBee and Jaangle. Any of these programs are better than WMP.

But we all know the best tag editor is Mp3tag. :slight_smile: