mixmeister bpm analyzer + mp3tag


bpm analyzed my mp3's using mixmeister bpm analyzer. i added the BPM column in the view window. but BPM data is not showing up in mp3tag. :flushed: :flushed:

itunes recognizes the data. i dont want to use itunes. :frowning:


This is because this program uses Unicode ID3v2 frames and Mp3tag doesn't support Unicode.

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~ Florian


uhoh it looks like i'll find another software to catalog mp3s. but it is the best at editing tags and renaming files. thank you.


does anyone know what the fastest way to detect bpm WITHOUT a unicode program like MixMeister would be? I tried MixMeister before reading this thread and it replaced all my BPM tag info with unicode values, leaving the BPM column in mp3tag blank. Now I have to start over saving bpm info in mp3tag. Tedious.