Modals opening on wrong display


some of the modals where you can edit info are opening on the wrong displays. I found a thread about it on this forum, but not a proper bug report. (Thread id is 8422, I would've linked it but I can only post 2 links as I'm a new user here)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open MP3Tag on any display
  2. Use a feature like Tag - Filename or Filename - Tag
  3. See some modals being opened on wrong display

Example video:

Expected result:
The modals should always open on the display where MP3Tag is currently opened.

Here's a Google sheet with the behavior of different modals:
And an image of my display setup if that is of any help:

Operating system: Windows 10 Education version 1903 (build 18362.418), 64-bit
MP3Tag version: v2.99a

Isn't this behaviour something that the graphics driver manages?
I have an Nvidia control panel that has a set of options to open dialogues

  • on the main display
  • on display with the application
  • on the display with the start menu
  • on the display with the cursor
    Perhaps you have to tweak the settings there.

Where did you find these options in your Nvidia control panel? I can't seem to find them.

It is a little hidden - and the translation of the German Nvidia application is close unreadable as it is peppered with abbreviations.
Use the Nvidia desktop manager (context menu of desktop background)
Click the top left button (could it be "Actual"?)
This should open the nview window.
Select "Window Manager" in the function tree on the left

See the dropdown list as shown on the screendump.