Modify case...


Here is my last question about case...
I could do everything I wanted exept that.

I want that in one action, all my fields have the good case.

the problem come if I have a word in uppercase. I want it to stay like it is already.

Here is an exemple.
I have : aaaa BBB ccc.mp3
I want : Aaaa BBB Ccc.mp3

I already have an action to change the Aaa & the Ccc but it will also change the Bbb like that.

So I thaught about something like that but I can't find the way to make it work :
Regular expression : (.?)\s(word and numbers with only uppercase)\s(.?)
Replace with : $caps($1) $upper($2) $caps($3)

Thank you for helping me...


I did not understand your reply. Thanks anyway.
Perhaps it wasn't very clear... Because of my English!!!

For exemple I have this title : They Want To EAT This
I wanted it with lower case for all words exept for EAT.

Anyway, I found the answer actually. Here is how to do that
Regular expression : (.+?)\s(\u{2,})\s(.+?)
Replace with : $lower($1) $upper($2) $lower($3)
case : [x]

I have an other little problem... If you can help me.
I want that rmx and remixed becomes remix.
I've done it in 3 regular expression but I would like to do that in one action if possible!!!!
I did it in 3 times because I want it to change only if it is a word and I don't know how to do that with regular expression.
So I have one if the word begin, one if the word is between 2 others and a last one if the word is at the end.

And I don't know how to put two terms with the replace action.

Well I nearly found the solution... but I still have a problem with the space when it replace.

the regular expression I use is :
and the replace field is :
But the thing is that it put a space before (remix) even if the word is beginning and a space after (remix) even if the word is the last one.
I would like that the action put a space only if there was one before.
I would like to keep it in one action if possible.
Thank you for helping me

I use
RE: (^| )(rmx|remixed|remixé|remix)(?= |$)
Replace: $1(remix)

$caps2(%_filename%) can be used with action "Format value" or Convert > Tag - filename
But the stuff you write in your 2nd post is different from the first.

Thanks a lot.
It's much better now.