Modifying multiple "Comments".

Is there a way to modify the "Comment" field for ex. for multiple mp3 files all at once instead of one at a time?? I have multiple hundreds of mp3's that have every Comment field filled with different text but all of that text does not end with a period (.). Instead of modifying one mp3 file at a time, is there a way to add a period (.) at the end of the Comment field with just a few keystrokes instead of thousands of keystrokes???

Thank you...

Try an action of the type "Format value" for COMMENT.
Enter as format string: %comment%.
(Note the dot at the end)

Wow...that worked!!

Wish I understood what I've just done. lol

Thank you very much!!


You have taken the old contents of the field COMMENT which is represented by %comment% and have written it back to COMMENT with an added dot.