Modifying titles: Removing last occurence of content in brackets

Hi everyone,

I've labeled a huge number of titles adding a suffix to the very right side of the title in the form of: TITLE (xyzw 1) or TITLE (abcd 2) etc.

Is there a method/regular expression to getting rid of all the suffixs between brackets in order to leave the title only?

Thanks in advance!

If you search for "remove part of title" you get a lot of already existing answers for your question.

Which ones have you tried already? What exactly doesn't work for which expression?

One of the working expressions could be:
$regexp(%TITLE%, \(.*\)$,)
This would search for a space, an opening bracket, any character until a closing bracket - and this has to be at the end - to leave brackets and text between brackets before the end untouched, like "My (super) text and other blabla"

Thank you for the quick reaction!

I've found a suggestion by Florian about my problem:

Guess value
Source: %title%
Format string: %title% (%dummy%)

It works fine, but I should now better specify my requirements.
Some titles sound like "Chasing pavements (Live) (xyzw 1)" or "Tango guapo (20sec. ouverture) (abcd 1)" and I would like to remove only the last suffix, i.e. after the adjustment the titles should be "Chasing pavements (Live)" or "Tango guapo (20sec. ouverture)".

Thank you for your help.

$regexp(%TITLE%,' \(([^)]*)\)[^(]*$',)
Examples and explanation on regex101

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Thank you very very much!

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