<MOOD> tag gets corrupted

I use foobar2000. I add in it new field (to id3v2.4 tag) named "mood" and set some values there. While using mp3tag to change tags the value of the field is being read correctly (even multivalue) but it is corrupted somehow and it vanishes from foobar2000.

Could you check two things:
1: can MP3tag still read the tag even when foobar refuses to?
2: does the same thing happen if you use V2.3 tags instead? (There are a lot of problems with V2.4 tags... e.g. WinEx does not read V2.4 tags properly)

  1. Yes, it can (it is showed in the tag panel in the mp3tag)
  2. I've just checked. If I set mp3tag to save tags in id3v2.3 then it works ok (even tho foobar is still set to write tags in v4); so the 'workflow':

(foobar2000 - writing in v4; mp3tag - writing in v3):

  • add some values to MOOD tag (v4 in file)
  • open file in mp3tag - it is being read correctly (still v4)
  • save tags in mp3tag - it wvewrites tag into v3
  • check the file in foobar2000 - it read correctly (with v3 tag)

if I now overwrite file in foobar it would save tag (and proper values) in v4 which would still be ok in mp3tag

and this only applies to this MOOD.

EDIT: I've just found out that MOOD is actually a correct frame in id3v2.4 - 4.2.3 TMOO Mood (i thought it was only my own creation (-: ) and was introducedin this version. I cannot (don't know how) check whether it's being written to correct frame...

EDIT2: I've posted similar thread on the hydrogenaudio: mp3 id3v2.4 issues with MOOD

If you write ID3v2.4 tags Mp3tag will write to the frame TMOO but foobar does not support this frame.
foobar always writes TXXX:Mood
But if you use ID3v2.3 Mp3tag also writes TXXX:Mood

OK, thanks for clarification. So switching back to v3 is right now the only solution and it seems like a foobar2000 bug - right?

On the other hand - how can I check the name of the frame that is used for particular tag?

No there is no bug. It seems like a simple misunderstanding of the different ID3 versions at the user side.
You can try the latest beta version of foobar, because it has been stated, that foobar will now follow the 'industrial standard' and will work with IDv2.3 setting as default.


I understand versioning. I want to use 2.4 in both foobar and mp3tag (and has been for a loooong time), yet this doesn't work, what works is setting one aplication to write 2.3...

Of course I cant set foobar to use 2.3 (following new defaults) which suppose to be more 'world-compatible' but also - why wouldn't I want to use newer version of the standard if it's (most of the time) well supported by the only two aplications that I use?

Following your thinking I should stick with id3v1 because it's even better addopted and copliant O_x

Unfortunatelly foobar isn't in this list.

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