mood tag

I used mp3 tag to change the mood type for some files and worked great.
Now all of a sudden when I change the mood type it will change in MP3TAG but when I check the file in windows explorer the Mood is blank.
Only think I could think of since problem started occurring is I installed Winamp.
I have uninstalled Winamp uninstalled MP3Tag and reinstalled. And still Mood is not changing in explorer properties.
I tried changing genres and it does change.
I also tried using media monkey to change mood and again it changes in media monkey but not in explorer.
What could have happened and how can I change mood type again?
I am using windows 7.

Use the attached mp3 file, which contains only some noise but no tags, and use your explorer application to tag this file with one tag-field, for example:
Tag-field name: ARTIST
Tag-field content: Test Artist

Then use Mp3tag dialog "Extended Tags..." and see what Mp3tag can detect from within this file.
What tag type?
What tag type version?
What tag type character encoding?
What tag field?
What tag field content?

Try this with other applications too.
You should see what is the right tag type and encoding for best compatibility.

Noise.mp3 (16.3 KB)

Edit.Changed test rules regarding tag-field to use.

Noise.mp3 (16.3 KB)

I took the file you posted used explorer to change mood to Latin.

In MP3tag
What tag type?ID3V2.3
What tag type version?(ID3V2.3)
What tag type character encoding?Mpeg I layer III
What tag field? Mood
What tag field content? empty

Did the same thing and changed the genres field
What tag type?ID3V2.3
What tag type version?(ID3V2.3)
What tag type character encoding?Mpeg I layer III
What tag field?Genres
What tag field content?test

As you can see genres changes but not mood

I opened tag & Rename and in Mood it does show Latin and genres shows test.
Tried using tag& rename to change mood and it reflects the change in explorer file properties.
Use mp3tag and changes do not apply.

Well, you did not follow the test rules.
It would be nice to have only one defined tag-field, nothing more, as the first step of investigation.

With "character encoding" I did not mean any technical encoding of the music stream data, but the character encoding of the tag field content, usually sort of UTF-16, UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, ANSI, ASCII.

How could you create a tag-field with the name "MOOD", but without any content data?
Can explorer create such an empty tag-field?

Usually it is not possible to create an empty tag-field, for example, when using Mp3tag, after removing all content from a tag-field, then the tag-field itself cannot exist any longer and will vanish entirely, so you cannot see this tag-field in the extended tag view.

Do you know for sure, whether explorer can create a tag-field, which is not member of the well known standard tags fields?
It might be possible that explorer is not able to create a tag-field of name MOOD.

If you can see the tag-field MOOD in the Mp3tag extended tag view, then it is not empty.

At this point it looks to me as if something was going wrong with this test case.
Perhaps brought in by user.

Now you have two applications which behave the same.
You want Mp3tag to behave compatible with those applications, then you have to set the Mp3tag reading and writing options accordingly.

Open the dialog Mp3tag/Extras/Tools/Tags/Mpeg.
I am guessing now ...
Set Mpeg
Read: ID3v2 on, all other off.
Write: ID3v2 on, ID3v2.3 UTF-16 on, all other off.
Remove: ID3v2 on, all other off.
Save settings.

Reload the test file.
Open dialog Extended Tag View.
What do you see?

Here is another helper tool.
This is an export script which creates a report about used tag types and character encoding.
Select the test file and maybe some other files too, which work betweeen explorer and "tag&rename", and create the report.
Post the result here.


Tried this got same result as before. Mood still shows empty although explorer and tag&rename show Latin.

Not sure how to use your test file you link to.

Again ... it is not possible within the Mp3tag "Extended Tags ..." dialog to see an empty tag-field, because Mp3tag does not display empty tag-fields per se.
I do not know why this can happen within your Mp3tag version (what version?).
What are the filetypes of music files you are working on?

As you can read from the file extension, the text file "Export_TagTypes.mte" is a Mp3tag export script file.
When downloading this export file, save it as
(use this string as the target filepath as is, including double quote characters).

After the downloaded file has been stored successfully, you have to adapt the filepath - of the report output file to create - within the parameter list of the $filename() function within the export script.
Use a text editor, open this export file:
Find the line $filename(O:\TEST\Report.Tag.Ext.txt,ANSI).
Change the string part "O:\TEST\Report.Tag.Ext.txt" to a drive letter, folderpath and filename of your wish, fitting to your system.
Save and close the file.

When executing this export script from within Mp3tag against selected files, it will create a report text file about used tag types and character encoding.

Select the already tagged "Noise.mp3" test file and perhaps some other files too, which you have detected as working between the applications "Windows Explorer" and "tag&rename", and create the report.
Post the result here.
The report result might help to detect what is going on with your files.


Mood from Windows Explorer is saved as PRIV frame in ID3v2 tags in Mp3 files. (Windows 7)
Mp3tag does not show this frame since it can have any kind of (binary) content.