More colors please


I would like to propose the possibility of adding colors to the rows and columns

Right now you can't highlight / distinguish a column in any way. And that could be useful if you work with many [especially thin] column, with similar data [for example I use the different columns for years]

And the rows have only two colors [unaffected by themes of Windows 7]: white and light grey; which only help a little. Why can't the user decide if it should be white and dark grey? Or white + white + grey? Or white + light grey + white + dark gray?

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And specially I would like one change to take place: distinguish highlight of selected row[s]

Right now my selection I grey- the same as every second row. So, if I happen to select a file in a grey row and the click on any tag field [to write some data], then such a grey highlight is almost indistinguishable from other rows [and I have a long list of rows, because I have a tag panel on the side and work in 1920 x 1080 environment]. And so I often have to double check if I was making changes to the right file. And that takes additional time and it simply annoying

You can adapt your windows colour scheme to get a different highlighting.

Isn't the this highlight that we speak of simply the "main" color?

Control Panel > Appearance And Personalization > Personalization > Window Color And Appearance > Advanced Appearance Settings > Windows Colors And Appearance > Item > Window > Color 1

If you change color to something distinguishable like yellow or green- some elements of Windows and fields in many different programs look like an LSD trip. And if you change it to not so bright color, the the OS looks gloomy an the highlight in Mp3tag is not so clear. I can't possibly be using a Notepad with main window [where the text is putted] other than white - and this affects it

[Alternatively you can change >> Color 2 <<, which gives even a worst result]

Or am I wrong or missing something? I use Windows 7 x64

I would like colors in the columns, too.
For once like zerow discribes it, and additionaly conditional coloring would be perfect.
Calibre for example can change fonts color in a column depending on conditions. I use it there to change the color of the first column, depending on data that is in a column to far to the right, that I can't see it without scrolling right. So I can see straightaway if a field is populated.

In the meantime you can establish a column on the left side of the list view ...
or where ever you want to locate it in your view, ...
for displaying a special character marker ...
"depending on data that is in a column to far to the right, ...
which you can't see it without scrolling right".
Column Name: Status
Column Value: $if(%MY_TAGFIELD%,'!',)
Column Value: $if(%MY_TAGFIELD%,'red','white')
Column Value: $iflonger(%MY_TAGFIELD%,25,'!!!',':::')


This is very useful

Thank you

And if I wanted to "highlight" in such a way all files which have an artist different than the folder they are stored in, what would be the code?

All my files are stored in
D:\Music\Name Of Artist AAA
D:\Music\Name Of BB
D:\Music\Name CCCCC

And so I would need to compare [lets say 3] first letters of a given sub-folder with the beginning of the value of ARTIST tag of the files stored this peculiar folder

All I got to so far in my tryouts is this code:

$if($eql(%_directory%,%ARTIST%),'equal','not equal') $if($eql($lower($left(%_directory%,3)),$lower($left(%ARTIST%,3))),'equal','not equal') $ifgreater($strstr($lower(%_directory%),$lower($left(%ARTIST%,3))),0,'partially artist name in folder name',)



Something like

$if($eql($lower($left(%_DIRECTORY%,3)),$lower($left(%ARTIST%,3))),'OK','!!!')works very well

Thank you very much