more fields for building filename

i use this program since a few days and so far i like it. It's not that difficult to use and it has most of the features you can expect from a tag editor, however i miss something:
it should be possible to add more fields to formatting a filename such as the length and the bitrate.
What i would like to see is that instead of exitting the search dialogue box when there's no match found in discogs, you can re-enter a new search.
Another nice feature or option would be adding an index to a file if the file already exists when converting the filename from the tag.
greetz, scallie

This is already possible using %_bitrate% or %_length_seconds%.

thanks for your reply and the tip, this works great.
But i think it would be more useful should the length be in minutes, don't you?
and it could be handy if you could manually add some extra characters: items in a filename could than be seperated by () or [], etc
greetz, scallie

 %artist% - %title% ($div(%_length_seconds%,60):$mod(%_length_seconds%,60))

That gives you the filename:

Artist - Title - (3:35).mp3

As colons are not allowed in file names I'd use _ instead of : :stuck_out_tongue:



i'm a happy dude. although it seems a little complicated, but indeed that's what i was looking for. Now i finally can label my music as it should be and thanks to the possibility of connecting to the databases from freedb and escpecially discogs, i can figuere out the right version, remix or whatever, of a song. As with any program i maybe encounter some shortcomings, bugs, ... in the future but so far the program offers everything i need.

Thanks for the advice and lots of succes.
Greetz, scallie