More help on Actions

This is the only place I can find at the moment with any thing.

IT would be great if someone could point us too or write a page similar showing all expressions and equations and their meaning so that we could work out what we are doing. [Also a better idea of what action we should be selecting too - many times I have gone through the forum for answers and spent ages trying to work out why they fail for me just to discover the inital action I choose is wrong] So maybe a breif explanation of which ACTION is BEST for which type of PROBLEM.

Have you seen: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) > Actions?

Yes I have thank you and that is the reason why I made my point.

You have an absolutely superb product here and a really really great forum.

I think that there could be a few more examples under the subjects of format values and quite a few others.
Most of the links on:
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) > Actions?
jump straight to the page meantioned above:

And although there are also quite a few good frequently asked quetsions, I think the answers are not always clearly layed out (ie: What action should be chosen to begin with) and what limitations are there to such actions (ie. would it work on all fields or are there preconditions [I notice a lot of the 'replace' actions rely on an exact preformat in the fields to be changed and trying to workout how to change the formular doesn't slways seem to go so easily])

[This next bit might just be me misunderstanding the help pages]
I am still struggling to work out if I should be using guess, format, replace etc when making a new action of my own and as an example, seems to indicate the same action being undertaken for format as for guess.

Please don't get me wrong here, this is not a critism of anything as like I said, this is a superb product with what I think is the best support forum for anything at all on the interweb. All I am doing is asking for a little more detail in the information provided even if it means re-writing people's suggestions into one base layout so that it doesn't matter what is being shown, all the info is there in a layout that is relatively common to action tasks and that the help pages have a little more added to them in the way of when to choose each action.

Many thanks again for the time anyone spends reading this and even more thanks to any one who writes a constructive reply.