More newbie questions.


I always try to read the manual when I use new software but I don't speak german so I seem to be out of luck. I'm fiinding I can get by reading the web site with babelfish but I can't point bablefish to my hard drive to read the help files. Are the help files available on the web somewhere so I can point babelfish at them?

I have a bunch of .ape's that I've converted to mp3. What I'd really like to do is tell the tool to look at all the .ape's and all the .mp3's and where they have the same filename except for the extension, copy the tags from the ape to the mp3 in id3v2 format. I tried using script I wrote using the free "tag" program that comes with "flac" but it only writes id3v1 and lyrics tags to mp3. I'm getting title truncation all over the place. I can do each track manually with mp3tag but it's one at a time and very tedious (there's a lot of them). Is there some automated way to do this that I just haven't figured out?


I've just translated the whole help file of Mp3tag and included it with the latest development build.

Regarding your question about copying the tags: Just load the APE files to Mp3tag and select all files using the Ctrl+A hotkey. By pressing the Ctrl+C hotkey, Mp3tag copies all tags to the clipboard.
After that, load the corresponding MP3 files, select all of them and paste the tags into the files with the Ctrl+V hotkey.

Hope that helps!

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~ Florian