More on discnumbers

For someone who read Computer Science at University I really should be able to cope with Regex, but it just does my head in!

For Multi-Disc Sets the Album field comes out of my ripper (EAC and MAREO) as ALBUM NAME CD%N%.

I'd like an action that will delete the trailing space and CD together with the number and then set the discnumber. I know this should be really easy, but every time I try it goes horribly wrong. I'm about to set up 2 friends PCs with EAC, MAREO, MP3TAG and Squeezecenter, and I want to give them a full set of actions to cover everything I currently do manually. I will of course be suggesting that they both buy Florian one of the books on his wish list. I'm currently using Album Art Downloader XUI together with a robocoy script so I only have to download the album art once for each album ripped, are there any better/easier?

You don't need RegEx for that:

Name of action group: Disc Number

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %album%
Guessing pattern: %album% CD%discnumber%

Thanks. I also want to delete the CDN at the end of the original Album field once I've set the discnumber. I presume that I need to chop off the end of the field up to and including the second space from the right hand end of the string - I think that will need Regex. Can I accomplish both in a single action?

I've decided that one of my tasks for 2009 should be to re-learn programming. I studied Algol68 at University which is a recursive algorithmic language - it took me a while to get my head round it but was incredibly powerful once I did.


I've looked at it again - and it should do what I need. I'll try it out - forgive me from being so stupid.