More patterns for bulk editing tag in titles

I am so tired of record companies adding tags like "(Re-mastered 2007)", or "(Album Version)", etcetera, to their song-titles. Of course this is a good information to be given, that the track has been re-mastered, but it is no good to make such a comment part of the title!

One of the problems this is causing is, that I have several (hundreds) of doublets. None of my "MP3-doublets-remover" programs can figure out that >Lulu.mp3< is the one and same as >Lulu (Album Version).mp3<. So far I have given up on it, because I have had to manually edit this info file by file. But I hope Mp3tag can do this job quite easily, if you will give it some more advanced options for bulk (album per album) removal / editing of tag patterns, please!

Maybe just a little box saying "Remove [type word / pattern to be removed]" from all titles".

Did I make myself and my request understandable?

Absolutely :slight_smile:

And fortunately, all of this is already available in Mp3tag! First, the Filter [F3] can help you to identify such files via its support for regular expressions. For example, to find a file where the title field contains anything enclosed in parentheses filter the TITLE field by (.*)

Second, the action Replace with regular expression can remove these parts from the tag field. And if you like to copy this information to another tag field beforehand, Guess values is your friend.

Kind regards,