More picture formats for cover

Hi. I need to use tag cover with .ico format picture. I have video file and I want to set DVD icon for it, but only with .ico format it looks good - with .png and .jpeg there's always white space around the DVD icon. Is there any way to upload .ico format file for cover in mp3tag (besides only .jpeg, .jpg. and .png)?

Thanks for any attention.

MP3tag does that what the standard suggests. And that simply does not support any graphics format.
So you would have to convert the files of other formats.

As you may know, the ICO format allows a max size of 256x256 pixel. I would not recommend to use such a small picture size for a cover.

With the existing Mp3tag Adjust Cover function, you can adjust your PNG or JPG to any size you want.

You can open such pictures in MS Paint or IrfanView and crop this white borders/space.

You could use .png and set background to transparent.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. PNG is still not transparent in a desktop view (although I checked the option of transparency).Bez tytułu

I'tested the 'Airplane-DVD.png" (link below) by attacking it to a dummy.mp3.
Renault Media Nav didn't show any BG at all, it was transparent...
As .png (transparency):

as "standard" .jpg

Unfortunately, it still doesn't help. When I open it and see as a preview, everything seems fine. But then, on a desktop view, transparency doesn't work and background is still visible. Also, when I tried to copy the icon directly from your comment and paste to to cover place in mp3tag, the background was all in black.Bez tytułu

I am a little lost now: is this whole topic about the way that the windows explorer generates thumbnails?

Not excatly. I wanted my movies library to look in a specific way. To do that, I wanted to use mp3tag to add covers to video files, but I thought, there's a way for the icon to be transparent. It appears, that that specific look of my movies library satisifies me only then, when the icon is in .ico format (only then transparency is legit). But unfortunately, in mp3tag, and also in other popular apps of this kind, available formats for file covers do not include .ico format. So basically, I wanted to know, is there any way to add supportive image file format to mp3tag or do you know any other way to help me solve my problem of inappropriate look of my video files.

And where is that "movies library"?
Is it a piece of software on you computer and which one or ist it a hardware player?

It's folder with movies on mobile hard drive.