More than 4 chars in YEAR

Is it possible to remove the 4-numbers restriction from the YEAR field in the tag panel when using ID3v2.4?



The MusicBrainz tagger Picard use such a date format, I like to do the same when using a websource with MusicBrainz. You just can't do manual corrections in the Mp3tag tag panel, if needed, since it's restricted to 4 chars.

No, not currently, but it's on my list.

You can also use the extended tag dialog [Alt+T] till it's possible in the tag panel.

Can you create specific id3v2.x frames in the extended tag dialog or will Mp3tag create a TXXX tag with value of TDRC=xxxxxxxxx?

It will create a TXXX frame.

It would be so easy to just try it - but anyway...


Your previous reply strongly implies that it's possible to create this frame in the extended tag dialog. Creating a TXXX frame isn't going to be of any use with applications that support the TDRC frame.

The way Mp3tag displays tags in the extended tag dialog, mapping some field names, not mapping others, and not giving any indication when an id3v2 field is actually a TXXX frame, would make it difficult for most people to realize that they haven't actually created a TDRC frame.

Mp3tag maps the YEAR field to the TDRC frame when using ID3v2.4 (see list of field mappings) and you can enter more than four characters in the YEAR field via the extended tag dialog.

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