More than 4 tag fields on LINN music server (entries with \\)

If in any tag I enter more than 4 entries divided by double backslash (\\) my music server reads only the first four (e.g. the entry ab\\cd\\ef\\gh\\ij shows all entries from ab through gh, all fowllowing entries are not shown (although they are still present in mp3tag!)
I'm not sure where the problem is and want to ask if probably mp3tag doesn't give them free
Maybe the problem is anywhere else in my system

Thank You in advance

If you seperate content in tagfields with a double backslash Mp3Tag creates multi-value-fields.
Have at look ant the extended tag-view in Mp3Tag (ALT-t). There you probably can see this tagfield several times.
Obviously your player cannot show the content of multi-value-fields and irgnores all but the first.

Thank You for Your answer. I expected this. I already contacted LINN, they answered it was NOT a problem of the player but probably of the server (??). But there I can't find any restrictions. The problem occurs with Asset uPnP as well as with Kazoo Server. Guess I have to face that problem further on

Asset UPnP R6 only supports 4 multiples, you need R7 for unlimited multiples.


Thank You very much for our help. With R7 it works pretty fine !!

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