More than one cover - Sugestion

If 2 audio files have 2 different covers, nothing is show, it says "Cover varies", the way to put the cover in both files is to go to the folders and add(if present), or go to one mp3 and copy and paste to another, instead of doing this i propose below the "Cover varies", the images appear and click one to use for the rest the audio files, i don't know if it is viable or not.


I have been thinking some time about your suggestion - as I quite liked the idea of some sort of picture browser.
But ... I think that there is a problem of scale.
MP3tag allows to load not just 2 files with 2 different covers but more than 100,000 files with probably more than 10,000 different pictures.
If you select theses many files you get, just as we know it, the "cover varies" message.
But what would the picture browser do?
Also, the chance to apply (accidentally) several thousand pictures to just as many files ...
When I got this far with my musing I found that the disadvantages outweigh the undeniably existing benefits.
That is why I do not take any position neither against nor in favour of your idea.

I was thinking only in a album, as only in this case i want to get the image iqual, this the way everyone use it, there are exceptions.
Max 30 files if so.
Even if every file as one different image, i never found a case like this, only one image or two or maybe nothing, maybe it show as a scroller, so one can choose.