Movable Filter Box two triangle icons

I wanted once more to suggest moving those two triangle icons that are right now on the right side of the Filter Box, to its left. Because when using an ultra wide monitor, to click them is a drag. And as a new argument in my plead I wanted to point out, that Menu and icons on the Toolbar [thus various options] are glued to the left side

But then I thought to myself: if I ever move my Tag Panel the right side of the screen, then I will be sorry if that request is implemented then

So I propose be batter approach: instead of leaving them on the right side or moving them to the left side, why not give the user the choice? By default these icons will be where they are- but if someone finds them hard to reach, then that person an choocse to swith their positions to the left. Plain and simple

A to where exactly should they be [to the left or right side of the word Filter:, is a matter of discussion

Once you have the input focus in the filter box, you can jump to the arrow menu with , press and the menu opens.
You can then jump through that menu by pressing the first letter of an entry or use the up and down keys on the keyboard.
Like this you do not have to move the mouse but only turn your head.

Please note that this function is also available in action dialogues like "Guess value" where moving the field selector to the right and opening the menu would overlap the input box whereas with the arrow button on the right, the menu stays clean of the input box and allows you to see what is already in the input box.
The same applies to the Convert functions.
So I would definitely leave it where it is.

If you are dosing something quick / minuscule from afar, like when laying on a bed and reading a paper, then you might not have a keyboard within your reach

This happens to me all the time

I would say: then it is not possible to enter a filter for which you want to use the right-arrow-button-menu.