Move all files to one folder?


I am trying to move all my music to a single folder, so that I can then organize everything using tag information.

In other words, I want to resort everything like this: C:\Music\Artist\Album - Year(track#). (title)

Right now, its all in C:\Music, but some folders are just the name of the album, or just the name of the artist, or whatever.

The way I see it, I would want to create an action to replace directory C:\Music\whatever with C:\Music, then convert tags to filenames. So how do I move everything into C:\Music ?

Thanks for any help you can give me. I know this is probably simple, but I'm having a tough time figuring it out.

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I'd use Windows Explorer (or another file manager of your choice) to move the files.

Another way would be the converter Tag - Filename using a format string like C:\Music\%_filename%

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Wow. That was way too easy.
Thanks Flo.

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