move all files when converting


I did perform a search for this suggestion before posting, and apologize in advance if I missed a similar one.

I would like to request a 'Convert Option' that would allow the following:
'move all files in directory when renaming folder'. This would ensure that files (E.g. album art jpg's) are not 'left behind' when renamed to a new folder.

Convert tag--> filename

year was not previously prefixed to album. A new folder is created with the renamed files, but the jpgs are left behind

Preview sample...
[A-C]\Bad Company\10 from 6\04_Shooting Star.mp3" ->
[A-C]\Bad Company\1985-10 from 6\04-Shooting Star.mp3"

The jpegs get 'left behind' and I have to manually move them to the new folder, and delete the old folder.



Use an action "Format value" on the pseudo tag-field _DIRECTORY instead of _FILENAME, then come back to report how it works.

See also ...


That works great. Thank you!

Format value dialog...
Format String: %year%-%album%

The above renames the directory and preserves (carries along) all contents.