Move content from one field to another

Thanks for pointing out the space i didn't notice it until mention. i read the thread on moving content from one field to another but i don't see how it would work for moving all content (dates) in re-recorded to re-rec i don't know what the action or string set to use to accomplish this. that thread doesn't show me a good example.

As asked before:
it is much easier to help if you told us which data you have in the fields, how that data should look like after processing and what you tried to get this done.
And perhaps include a screendump straightaway.

i wish to move all dates in re-recorded to re-rec, i'm trying a quick action > format value > format string ( this where i don't know the string.

any help is really grateful as i don't like asking for assistance unless needed. ( so sorry to be a bother)

Enter as format string the field name for the field of the re-record column (as these are user-defined fields I don't know their name) enclosed in %
If you don't know the name of the field for column re-recorded either, check the column definition in "Field".

ohrenkino Thank You Thank You!!!!! that did the trick. again Thank You for all your support and time.

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