Move / Copy / Delete CDG too

MP3tag would be perfect for me IF it also performed Move, Copy & Delete functions on CDG+MP3 pairs just like it does on rename. So for example, if you move an MP3 (with a matching CDG) using MP3tag to a new directory, it will move the the CDG too.

Mp3tag does not treat any other files in a folder unless you explicidly read these files and treat them individually.
E.g. the handling of albumart is a repeated question in this forum.

The answer is: if you rename the folder then all files in that folder get moved to the new location.
A folder gets renames with an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY.
If you move files individually with the converter tag-filename then you have to treat every file.
Mp3tag does not know any links between individual files.

Not correct. MP3tag MUST handle CD+G/MP3 pairs as an exception since it "knows" to rename both even though the only thing you see in the tag explorer is the MP3 part.

EXAMPLE: Renaming something like: "Bob Jones - Song.MP3" to "Song - Bob Jones.MP3 results in "Bob Jones - Song.CDG" being renamed to "Song - Bob Jones.CDG" as well without any extra effort.

Mine is just a feature request to have the file explorer in MP3tag do the same for file Move, Copy & Delete operations as well.