Move cover.jpg when Tag - Filename

Hi! Any way to move/copy cover.jpg/png together mp3 when Tag - Filename command have new folder path?

Maybe there are different methods to do so, here is described one proposal.

  1. Change setting "Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Tags/Restrict incoming files to:"
    Add the cover file type to the list of filemasks: *.jpg; *.png;
    This way the list view can display image files too.

  2. Within the list view do select the files to be moved.

  3. Apply the converter "Tag - Filename" and set up a formatstring, e. g. ...

'..\folder_up\'$if2(%TITLE%,%_filename%) ... or ... '.\folder_down\'$if2(%TITLE%,%_filename%)
  1. Check the result.

  2. Change setting "Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Tags/Restrict incoming files to:" to standard behaviour.


Not with that converter but in a 2-step action group
where you first rename only the filename without a path component
and then rename the folder.
Renaming the folder takes all the files in the old folder to the new destination.

Looks interesting but how target folder will be? I use this target path:

%albumartist%\\%year% - %album%\\%track% - %artist% - %title%

jpg/png can be renamed but tags not written there :smiley:

Can you show example for this? With %albumartist% and other tags in target path?

First action:
Format value for _DIRECTORY
Format string: e:\my music\%albumartist%\%year% - %album%

This action moves all the files from the source path to the target path including all non-audio files.

Second action:
Format value for _FILENAME
Format string: $num(%track%,2) _ %title%
This renames only the files.

This combination only leads to the desired effect if you have already moved all files that belong together to one folder. If the folder still has files that belong to a different folder then you have to split them in a different way (first).