Move data from one "Extended TAG" to another "Extended TAG"


I need Help with below Scenario.

OS : mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71)
mp3tag Version : 1.8.12 (94)

I've "72 Albums with 366 .Flac Files", They all have "Extended TAG" titled "DESCRIPTION" that has details of "Lyricist" as shown below.

What i need to Establish ::

  1. I need to copy this data from "DESCRIPTION" to new E.TAG "Lyricist".
  2. Once first task is established, Delete the Tag "Description".

Please suggest / Help.

I could not add this DESCRIPTION tag to "Tag Panel". I did quite some reading here in this forum and it did not help.

Try an action of the type "Import tag fields"
Source: %description%==
Target format string: %lyricist%==%description%

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Thank You very much for your help.

That worked like magic. Looks like "mp3tag" has a lot of potential and i am not sure to use / exploit it.

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