Move data from one field to another

Hi im totally new with regex and im failed to look up on this on my own, I think its actually pretty easy...

I want to remove my prevoius export %initialkey% from the %comment%:

12B - #furtherinfo; #furtherinfo2; #furtherinfo3
To this:
#furtherinfo; #furtherinfo2; #furtherinfo3

But you know, the range of contained keys goes from 1A to 12A and 1B to 12B.

Hope you can help me, how can I do this with one string, thank you

$regexp(%comment%,'^\d+. - ',)
Leads to #furtherinfo; #furtherinfo2; #furtherinfo3

Or you could use an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %comment%
Format string: %initialkey% - %comment%

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it works^^ thank you for this ; ) LG