Move files to an other volume

I want to move music files from my Mac Book to my NAS, which is mounted as a volume.
I tried to do this by "Conversions" and file rename. But I do not know how to insert the wished volume into the format string.
Does anyone knows a solution?

Let's assume your mounted volume is named Target. A valid format string for renaming via "Tag - Filename" would then begin with /Volumes/Target/

That sounds easy. Thanks for your quick reply.
I will test it.

It seems to work. But there is a follow up problem with access rights:

How can I fix this?
There is no access problem on Finder or OS level.

Florian and I are currently investigating this problem by PM.
Maybe it will help, if any other user can confirm this problem.
Can you move files with the rename function to a mounted volume (NAS, server, cloud) without any problems or do you get an access violation error, too?


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We've boiled it down to an inconsistency in Mp3tag's way of storing secure bookmarks, which are needed to access files and folders for sandboxed apps.

It's still unclear how this inconsistency appeared and I'm interested in other examples and further research of problems related to that. However, for now, clearing the bookmark cache resolved the issue.

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