move files to directory %artist% - (%year%) %album%

when I'm ready with taggin' I want to move my files like

<directory>\%artist% - (%year%) %album%\%track% - %titel%.mp3

how do I accomplish this?

I know this feature is in TagScan but I dont like to use TagScan.

Mp3Tag is my tool! :w00t:

You can use the Convert>Tag-Filename function with a string just like the one you have used in your example, only with the filled in drive letter and directory name, e.g.
e:\mp3s\%artist% - (%year%) %album%\%track% - %title%

If you want to use an action, create one of the type "Format tag-field" for _FILENAME and the same string.

aha okay I have figured out all ready and created an action with "Format tag-field" for_DIRECTORY :w00t:

thank you 4 ur help!!!!

if you use %_directory% then you rename the folder with all the files in it.
If you want to do this, then leave out the format string for the filename. In your example you included the filename. So this would not be right.

If you use %_filename% then you rename a single file in a folder or move it to a new folder. The old folder remains as it is.This may lead to empty folders.