Move folder.jpg along with MP3 files to new directory

I am using MP3Tag organize my files, I have an Action set up using the following:

D:+ Music+Tagged\%albumartist%\%album% (%year%)\%track%. %albumartist% - %title%

and that works fine for the music files. But I would like to move the folder.jpg file (that is in the same starting directory) as well to the new directory. Is there a way to do that too? Currently I'm moving it manually. I used Media Monkey to do it in the past, but it always crashes on my underpowered netbook.


You do not tell us what kind of action you use and which field you manipulate.

if you applied two actions then you could reach your goal.
Two actions as it really is a two-step: one renames only the file, the other renames the folder.

So create actions of the type "Format tag field"
First action for _FILENAME
Format string
%track%. %albumartist% - %title%

Second action for _DIRECTORY
Format string
D:+ Music+Tagged\%albumartist%\%album% (%year%)

Renaming the directory moves everything in it to the newly named location.