Move from Genre to Grouping

I know, I know... there are many other posts giving solutions on how to move content from one tag to another. However, in my case, using the closest Action I found in the forum, I'm not being successful after a few modifications. So, I'm forced to ask. Sorry!

This Regular expression written by Florian, is an example on how to move Feat. from Title to Artist:
$regexp(%title%,'(.) [Feat. (.)]',$1 +++ %artist% '['Feat. $2']')
With Guessing Pattern:
%title% +++ %artist%

How can I modify it to help me move everything AFTER the FIRST comma from Genre to Grouping?
Example: French Zouk, francoton, French hip hop, french pop, pop urbaine
I would like to keep French Zouk in Genre and move "francoton, French hip hop, french pop, pop urbaine" to Grouping.

I tried replacing "Feat." with the "," it doesn't work. I guess a bit more modification is needed.

As usual, any help is appreciated.


As long as the pattern is to always separate at the first comma, you can use the Action (Quick) tool Guess Values.
Source format: %genre%
Guessing pattern: %genre%, %grouping%


Thanks a mil! @MotleyG
Works like a charm.

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