Move From Title Field To Two Different Fields


  1. Us And Them - Pink Floyd

I have an action to move the Artist to the artist field:

 Guess values "%title%": %artist%
 Guess values "%title%": %title - %artist%

That works great if there is no track number in the title field.

Can I add another action to move the track number 01. to the track field?

What's the reason for the first action?

Just add
Guess values "%title%": %track%. %title%

I'm not sure where I picked up the suggestion to add that first action.

Your suggestion worked great.
Now that I look at the action, it seems pretty obvious. I guess that's what comes with learning a new program.

I think I am getting close to figuring out how to write these expressions. A few more examples might make things click.

If I have somthing like this:

01 - - Us And Them - Pink Floyd

How would I get rid of the double hyphens and add a period? So that I would end up with this:

  1. Us And Them - Pink Floyd

You could do a simple Replace here, "- - " with ". "