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Im tagging a lot of files every month and as a last step when everything is just right i need to move all the folders to specific directories per genre. I can load all the albums in mp3tag, sort on genre and select all the files of one genre but when i tried the option Rightmousclick/Move it only moved all the files to the specified folder and left the folder at the same location.

Is there a way to move the selected folders including the files with a specific genre to another folder directly from mp3tag? Or with a action formula?

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You have to find out if you want to move

  1. a whole folder or
  2. just individual files from one folder to another.

The first option means that only the name of the folder is not quite right - then you execute an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY. Such renaming of a whole folder leaves no empty folders but really moves the whole folder to the new location.

The second option means that the files have not yet the correct (folder) structure. They have to be moved individually. And as MP3tag does not know anything about the other files it also does not know whether a particular file was the last file from a certain folder or not there will be left empty folders.
You move individual files to a new location with the converter Tag-Filename or Filename-Filename.

If you want to move files to a completely new location it may be best to use an absolute filename, e.g

To get rid of the empty folders you may search for freeware tools like pcwEmptyFolder.hta
(Download page:

Thank you for the reaction! In fact i want to move the whole folders, so option one. I already use the _DIRECTORY value format for renaming the folder with the format: artist - (year) - album.

Want i ideally want is this:
Move the folder to a new location automatically to the relating genre folder on my server based on the genre in the tag by an action. I figured this out by creating the format _DIRECTORY : \\SERVER\Music\Albums\%genre%\%artist% - (%year%) - %album%

I have predefined genres in the tags and on my server folders with the same name as the predefined genres. Some of the genres are in subfolders.

Any idea if and how its possible to move the folder for some genres in the main folder and some on the subfolder? Maybe an if function to check if the genre folder exists?

No, there is no such thing as an if-statement.
If you try to get a semantical structure out of the same field (the question is: is it really necessary to have subfolders - but that is up to you) you would have to define this special treatment e.g. by a filter.
One filter is then for the plain structure, the other for the subfolders. You would need then two actions to cater for the extra folder-level.

Just a personal word: I doubt that genre is actually a suitable storing criterion as it is by far one of the most volatile, almost next to "rating".
A structure based on absolute data like artist, album gets you more out of your collection: easy access to an album and, with the help of a player, access to the other data. Actually, for the player it is of absolutely no significance where you stored the files. But if you want to transfer an album to e.g. a mobile player and your library management does not allow drag&drop you have to rely on the filesystem.
If you spread an album across the genres it is a very cumbersome job to find all the tracks from one album.
But you will have your reasons to handle your files your way.

The if statement was my last hope, so now thats not possible im getting rid of the subfolders. The purpose was to collect all the i.e. electronic music together instead scattered on alphabet. But thats only the filesystem because no other music player can use the subfolder like that :slight_smile:

With the subfolders gone i can move all the folders immediately to my server now so thanks for the help and advice!