move part of a field???

So in my mp3s I have several thousand in this format: (first) Artist - Title Ft. other.artists
I have several other thousand: (2nd) Artist ft other artist - Title

I would like to MOVE everything in the 2nd configuration after ARTIST and attack it to the end of TITLE

So all my files are Artist - Title ft other.artists

Like some sort of a mask than append.. Is this an option at all?

like Move ft* from Artist, than append to Title..... or something to that affect... I hope im being clear enough...

50 Cent ft Olivia - Candy Shop -> 50 Cent - Candy Shop ft Olivia

Also I have all the files in ScratchLive and would be a pain to change the filenames.....


No, you are not really clear whether you want to modify the FILENAME (which is the external identifier for the filesystem) or the TITLE (which is inside the file a TAG an dused by any decent player) - to me it looks like the filename.

So, if you only want to modify the filename, use the converter filename - filename.
the input mask would look like
%1 ft %2 - %3
the outputmask could look like this:
%1 - %2 ft %3

While you are at it: think about importing the data also into the tags with the converter Filename - Tag.
The mask for that would be:
%artist% - %title%

I mixed up %2 %3 and %3 %2

I am trying to modify the data within the tags NOT the filename.

I want to try and do a mass edit to get all files in the same configuration (I have 40,000 mp3s) so its not like a have a simple pile to work with.

So you have the artist and the title and the featured artist all stored in the title tag... very well.

Try the following "Replace with regular expression" action:
Field Title
search string:
(.) ft (.) - (.*)
Replace string:
$1 - $3 ft. $2

Don't try this on all the 40000 tracks in one go but a single track first to see whether the result meets your needs.
Also check whether the delimiters "ft" and "-" are spelled correctly.
The best thing would be to use a filter that matches the search pattern:
%title% MATCHES ".* ft .* - .*"

I do not have all the info in the title tag. I have artist and feature in artist tag and title in title tag!

So you need two actions that you can summarize in an action group.
each action is of the type "Format tag field".

First, to copy the stuff following "ft" to title:

Format Tag-Field TITLE
%title% $mid(%artist%,$strstr(%artist%,'ft'),$len(%artist%))

Second action to cut the stuff after "ft" from the artist:
Format Tag-Field ARTIST

And if you are not sure whether you got all the superfluous blanks:
Format Tag-Field TITLE

Wow thanks!! I had to add a space in this one -

$left(%artist%,$strstr(%artist%,' ft'))

before the ft because it left an f at the end if i didn't..... But that did exactly what I needed it to thanks a lot!!

That going to save me tonnes of time!!!!

I just want to thank you again, you dont know how easy that made my life and i wouldnt have been able to figure that out in a lifetime... i cant even deconstruct it backwards to know what it does... :stuck_out_tongue:

I REALLY appreciate tht.... it worked like a charm on the whole set!!!

This action has solved 98% of my problem, could you help me create a string that puts brackets around the featured artist.

For example: "track name"(feat. featured artist)

Any help would be much appreciated,

The easiest way would be to filter the tracks that have "feat." and then execute an action group with 2 actions:
first: Replace the "feat." with "(feat."
second: Format value for TITLE with the Format string:
Run only once per track.

That worked great but it seems that every time I use the action the main artist disappears from the ARTIST field.

I assumed that you have already separated all data from each other, so that right now you have the correct title except that it does not have the parenthesis around the "feat .....".

It is not possible to split fields and modify the original data at the same time. You need a separate step for that.
The "Replace" action was also intended for the field where you have the "feat."