Move part of album field to comments

1) Currently my album fields are tagged like:
(year) (album) (album edition)
so for example:
(1973) The Dark Side of the Moon (Japan Harvest CP35-3017)
I'd like to move the album edition (in this case, (Japan Harvest CP35-3017)) to the comments and delete the album edition from the album field. How would I do that?

2) My albums are in directories such as:
Pink Floyd(1973) The Dark Side of the Moon

How would I create a script to automatically sort files into this format? So for example, I have lots of albums in various subdirectories in the directory G:\Music</b> - I'd like to automatically sort them so they're as such:
G:\Music\Pink Floyd(1973) The Dark Side of the Moon
G:\Music\Pink Floyd(1975) Wish You Were Here

3) Finally, if I wanted to remove the year field from the beginning of my albums, how would I go about that? So currently they're like:
(1973) The Dark Side of the Moon (Japan Harvest CP35-3017)
but if I wanted them to be like:
The Dark Side of the Moon (Japan Harvest CP35-3017)
how could I do that?

I don't want to do all 3 of these at once, I'd appreciate separate actions for each :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

To me it looks as though 1&3 relate to a splitting of the album tag and distribute the information into other tags.
I would create an action of the type
Guess value
Source: Album
Guess value
(%year%) %album% (%comment%)
This would move 1973 to the tag year (even if it is already there), move whatever is in the second brackets to comment without the brackets, though and all that is between the closing and the opening bracket to album.
You end up with a pure album without year or version.

Now then, once you have completed that you can either use the converter (Menu Convert>Tag - Filenme) to move your files around - this would also create new directories if they are not there already. Just use a mask like this:
G:\Music\%albumartist%(%year%) %album%
(the backslash is the secret there)

If you already have directories for each album then preferably rename only the directories with an action that formats the tag field %_directory%
as such an action also moves all files like albumart or playlists to the new directory.

That worked perfectly. You've saved me a lot of work so thank you very much! I have a couple more queries though if that's okay?

1) Is there a way of creating an action/multiple actions that will grab all of the files from subdirectories etc. and move them into properly named folders?

Example: I have lots of mp3s in a drive, say it's G:</b>. Some are loose, others are in folders, some are in folders within folders. I'd like to just run an action that pulls all of the mp3s that I've loaded into MP3tag and them be moved into a G:\Artist(Year) Album format, even if they were already in a folder that was properly named. I hope this makes sense.

2) Assuming they're already properly numbered, is there any action that will rapidly convert my track numbers and disc numbers into xx/xx instead of x, xx or anything else? i.e. 01/20, 02/20, 03/20 - instead of 1, 2, 3.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Why do you ask how to use the features, which are offered by Mp3tag?
Why don't you use the tools, instead of asking?

Actions cannot grab, that's your turn.
Load all the files you need into the list view and do what you want.
Yes, moving and naming of folders and files is supported by Mp3tag.
Avoid duplicate filepathes when renaming.

That's you turn.

Yes, study the Mp3tag user interface and you will find what you need, assistent or actions, it is all there, use it.

Do read the Mp3tag manual and the FAQ messages here in the forums, read other user's requests and understand the proposed solutions and how they can help you too.


You can use the tag to filename converter again - provided you have already tagged your files.
Then: if you enter an absolute path for the converter then all files will be moved to the new destination.
Here comes the nifty bit:
If you give an absolute path with a preceding dummy directory then you can easily see the old and the new directory structure.
the old collection resides in
then enter as mask for the converter
g:\newmusic\%artist%\%album% (%year%)...
(actually, enter the desired folder structure after g:\newmusic\ which is the name for the dummy folder)
This way all mp3-files will be renamed and moved to the new folder structure. You may then delete the old g:\music\ path as this should contain no mp3 files any more. (A warning here: other filetypes will stay in the old structure - so playlists, external albumart etc. will not be moved But you can check this with the windows explorer by searching for any file).
Anyway: if you are sure you have all the files in the new structure, then delete the folder g:\music and rename g:\newmusic to g:\music.

A word about the numbering. There is the numbering assistant. If you had a fairly scattered collection then I doubt that the numbering still makes sense... so keeping the information that a file was number x of y is probably outdated... You'll see.