Move parts of comment field to other fields

I apologize in advance. I'm very new to scripting and I don't really even know the language that well.

Since I wanted to retain a lot of information about my various mp3s, I saved all the info in the comment field because it allowed for a large number of characters. I formatted the information in a way that I believed would allow me to extract individual pieces of information once I figured out how. Here is the comment tag for one of my files:

[c]recorded in home studio in London[[c]]

now I would like to extract the rely (release year), which is 1985, and place it in the common "year" field. I assumed that because I have unique open/close strings surrounding the year, it would be easy to programmatically extract it. I just don't know how to do it. Thank you in advance for your help.

What do you mean by "extract"? Copy or move?
What is supposed to happen with the rest of the data in comment?

A "copy" could be done with an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %comment%
Format string: %dummy%[rely]%year%[[rely]]%dummy%

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Yeah, I don't know why I decided to use the word "extract", but you assumed correctly and your formula worked perfectly. Thank you so much for the quick response. :grinning: