Move Secondary Artists - > Album Artist field

Hello, i'm trying to move artist fields with multiple, ex. artist1; artist2, so that way under "Artist" only artist1 will be displayed, and in albumartist both will be. I've tried format value ALBUMARTIST %artist%, but this only copies the first artist instead of both

Or, if possible, remove duplicate fields but only for "Artist" rather than everything.

See the documentation for an action to remove duplicate fields

or do merge them first and treat all data as one field:

To access all fields of one type in scripting, see the $meta functions:

Okay yeah! Merging allows selecting one field, this works! Is semicolon the standard separator for multiple artists? Or should I use a comma? Thank you so much by the way!

That depends on your player.
In MP3tag the double backslash \\ indicates that there is more than one field of the same type - see the extended tags dialogue Alt-T.

If you want to treat a single field in MP3tag then the semicolon is OK as I think there may be artists names that have a comma as part of their name. So a comma would not be a unique separator between the individual names.

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