Move Settings folder into MP3Tag home directory?

As far as I understand, currently there is no way to specify the location of MP3Tag 'Settings' folder and the settings are stored in a hardcoded predefined folder outside of MP3Tag installation directory.

Can I propose to add another one MP3Tag option (maybe in Options - General) which will control the location of MP3Tag settings folder? My goal is to store the settings (and in the same directory tree, where mp3tag.exe is located... Say, c:\program files\mp3tag\settings.

I'm pretty sure it will be even better if there will be another one option to store MP3Tag settings in *.ini file instead of Windows registry. An option like this will made MP3Tag a 'self contained' program, which can be easyly copyed/moved/backuped without additional steps (if you set the Settings folder to reside within MP3Tag instalation directory and check 'Save MP3Tag settings in *.ini file').

I know, storing settings in registry may be useful for people, who use MP3Tag in multiuser environment. But I'm not sure there are many of us, who really use MP3Tag with different settings under different user accounts... Am I wrong? BTW, even in multiuser environment there is an easy way to have different settings for different users just by saving the settings like 'mp3tag.%USERNAME%.ini'...

What do you think about it?

Thank you.


Sorry, but I won't change the current way of saving the setting files in the current users directory, because it's the standard way on Windows. There are also many users which are not admins on their system (or don't want to use Windows with admin permissions).
I'm using Mp3tag on my university account from time to time, which is a multi-user environment with about 1000 active users.

If you want to change the working folder, copy all files from your current settings folder to the new folder and change the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Moebius\Mp3tag\Settings\WorkFolder registry key to the folder.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Aha, thank you. This works well. Now, after changing the registry key all the MP3Tag settings and backups are stored in specified dir: exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for pointing me to this registry key!