Move Songs to Appropriate Album Folders

Hi. I've spent an hour trying to find an answer... After running some scripts, etc. with MP3Tag, I now have my songs organized in a folders by genre/artist/album/track with "track" being the actual file song and the rest being folders / sub-folders. I ran one script I found in the forums to automatically add album folders based on tags and I thought it would then automatically put the songs in the appropriate folders. Instead, it only created the album folders and left the tracks where they were. For example, I now have a folder named "Maroon 5" for the artist, two album folders named "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" and "Songs About Jane" that are empty, and three tracks in "Maroon 5" folder along with the album folders. I check the tags for Maroon 5 and none of the albums are even in the meta so, not sure where MP3Tag pulled the album data to make the folders and it could also be why it didn't put the songs in the album folders. So, my question is, how do I get the songs in the album folders - is there a script I can run to do this for all tracks within each genre folder and artist sub-folders? Thanks.

Unfortunately you do no say, which "script" you applied - usually there are no "scripts" but "actions". But lets not start nit-picking.
I take it that you have filled your tagss so that you can use the Converter Tag-Filename and enter a mask of your specification:

If you already have this structure you may as well enter an absolute path, e.g.:



First, thanks for the reply. Second, sorry I didn't get back to you right away - I thought I set it to be notified by email if someone replied and I never got a reply. Now, down to business.

I tried what you suggested and it didn't work - well, it didn't do what I needed. I think I should explain my folder setup a bit more... I have my music in a music folder. From there, I have everything set up under genre folders, then artist, then album folders (currently empty) and actual song files are located in the artist folder. I want to move them to the appropriate album folder if there is one. Some artists did not get an album folder and some did. Here's a typical example of a folder path I have:

"C:\Users\Me\Music\MP3s\Dance\All Saints\All Saints - Pure Shores.mp3"

And, here is what I want - if there is an appropriate album folder for the artist / song. In this case:

"C:\Users\Me\Music\MP3s\Dance\All Saints\All Hits [Japan Bonus Track]\All Saints - Pure Shores.mp3"

So, I want "All Saints - Pure Shores.mp3" moved to the album folder "All Hits [Japan Bonus Track]"

When I applied the action you suggested, it moved the songs somewhere I couldn't find. I clicked to undo and it all returned to how it was before.

I hope that helps clarify a bit more what I'm trying to do.


Unfortunately you do not tell me which mask you entered. It would have been easier to modify that one than to start more or less from scratch.
Provided, the ALBUM tag of the track "All Saints - Pure Shores.mp3" already has the string "All Hits [Japan Bonus Track]" and also the ARTIST and GENRE tags are filled then the mask would look like this:

C:\Users\Me\Music\MP3s\%genre%\%artist%\%album%\%artist% - %title%.mp3

You're a genius. I used the action you stated and it appears to have worked. I've checked a random dozen or so artist folders and now find the songs in the album folders. THANKS!

I didn't provide the previous string I used because I was unsure of it but for the record, I believe it was:

C:\Users\Me\Music\MP3s\Dance\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

I used this string for each genre folder (you can see "Dance" above) but perhaps it would have worked had I just done:

C:\Users\Me\Music\MP3s\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

No matter now as it all appears fixed. Thanks again.