Move Sort to Alpha then artist name

Hi All
I use MP3Tag to move all my files onto my server, currently Artist\Year-Album etc.

Now i'm reworking all my music and would like to sort into groups A, B, C, based on artist name so it would look like

A\all artists beginning with A\Year -Album

Been doing this manually, but to automate would be nice.

So what I can't do is work out how to extract the first letter of the artist to write into my Action, any Ideas? I can cope with the 1-9 manually i guess.

Oh and if you're wondering why, it makes it so much easier to back up 26 directories rather than thousands onto different discs, Backup peoples!

Try an action of the type "Format value" for %_DRIECTORY%
Format String: $left(%artist%,1)\%artist%\%year%-%album%

If this leads to an undesired result (as it depends an awful lot on the current directory), try an absolute path as
Format String: e:\music$left(%artist%,1)\%artist%\%year%-%album%

Oh yes: there are tools around that create incremental backups or synchronization tools that copy only the modified files (e.g. Synctoy by Microsoft - for free).

Thanks so much, I do use an absolute path, the root directory of the server is mapped as a drive on my PC
My server QNAP does backups when you connect an external drive, It knows which directories to synch on each drive, so this will work perfectly Happy Chappy! :stuck_out_tongue: