Move "Year" from ID3V1 to ID3V2

I have a number of MP3s which have the "year" field populated in the ID3v1 field, but the "year" field in ID3v2 is not populated. Rather than manually moving the years for each file, is there a way to do this with MP3tag? I only want to copy the "year" field.

Also, the files I have this issue with show up in MP3tag with the following in the year field on the main screen: "2002\\2002-04-30" or just 2002\\2002. I really just want to have the year in the field, date is not necessary. I initially ran all the files through musicbrainz to get the tag data.

Thank You.

It seems that if I simply load these files into MP3tag and select the save button the V2 tags are updated with the correct year. I have MP3 tag set to read and write v1 and v2 tags. I will experiment a little more before I do a mass save.

"2002\\2002-04-30" means two Year tags, check with "View > Extended Tags"

Update to the development build it might fix the original issue:

I did check extended tags and there are 2 year entries. When playing the file in Winamp the v1 and v2 tags both only have the year entry. The year & date must still be there, but not displayed. I updated to 2.46c, but things are still displayed with the year only in the v1. I think it is something I messed up during a previous mass update. Simply loading them and saving seems to do the trick.