Moving/adding files in a Playlist

When I want to add a file to a playlist, I load the playlist in mp3tag, then drag/drop the file from an external browser while pressing ctrl (it gets added to the bottom) and then move it in position while pressing the alt-key. With large playlists (several hundred titles), mp3tag sometimes crashes while moving a file into position in the playlist. Is there a better/faster/more reliable way of doing this, i.e. can I add a file directly to a specific position of a playlist (without having to manually move it from the bottom up)?

I wonder why MP3tag should crash ... That would be interesting to find the closer circumstances.

If you want treat playlists regularly, you could add a user-defined field like PLAYLISTPOSITION where you set the position number in the playlist and then you sort by that field.
Once you have all files in the preferred order, you re-write the field, so that the new order is reflected by the ascending number.

Playlists are plain text files. Maybe there are more specialized third-party programs for this specific requirement? Such a playlist can be used with Mp3tag or a player software.

This should not be the case :sweat_smile: If it happens again, can you maybe investigate a little and maybe even find a way to reproduce the crash? Would be happy to fix that.

I'm interested in the difficulties the current way of handling playlists imposes. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution that is different from what you're describing. Adding the files at the position of the drop would be a great improvement.

I have tried to reproduce this crash situation, but wasn't able to, so it is an intermittent issue. But it seems to happen more often with large playlists and when I have manipulated/edited the same playlist for a while, so maybe there is some sort of buffer overflow? The crash occurs while I move a file up from the bottom and quickly scrolling up over the other titles while the alt-key is pressed. After a crash, when I reload the playlist fresh and edit it, it doesn't seem to happen for quite some time.

Yes, thank you, I realize that. I'm still using the good old Winamp player :joy: (I hate itunes!), which handles playlists nicely. Winamp allows for dropping titles at a certain position. But for all other purposes, I use mp3tag, so I would prefer mp3tag as the one-stop-shop solution, including playlist management!

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