Moving Artist From Title Field

This seems so simple, but I cannot figure it out.

Current Filename: 004 roy orbison crying

Expected Result: 004 moves to Track, roy orbison to Artist, crying to Title in Tag fields.

I end up with the track correct, but only roy moves to the artist field, orbison stays in the Title field with crying.

Here is my Action:
Guess values "%_filename%":%title%
Guess values "%title%": %track% %title%
Guess values "%title%": %artist% %title%

Please help!!

use the filename to tag button with this string:
%track% %artist% %artist% %title%

i think there isn't any way to do this with more files at once when the artist names don't have always the same number of words and there are no fix caracters between the artist names and the titles.