Moving Cover Art


I have song in them Covers are stored as "Other" and in some stored as "Front Cover".

Please advice the best way to be stored so that the Albums Arts are seen in
iPhone, Nokia, VLC, Windows Media Player etc.

Please also guide how the multiple covers can be moved from "Other" to "Front Cover" or "Front Cover" to "Other" as you suggest.


There is an action (see FAQs on how to create an action) to import cover files. By default this imports a matching file as "front cover". It is not possible to set the cover type during/for import.
There is also an action for exporting covers.
So now, for an automated approach:
Export with an action the covers from all mp3 files, may they contain "front cover" or "other". The first cover is exported by default to a file called folder.jpg.
Then import with an action all covers again. they will be set to "front cover".

As various programs treat the tag data in different ways there can be no general advice on how to get updates across to these programs. As far as I know do iTunes, VLC and WMP maintain a separate database which has to be updated. Esp. iTunes becomes more and more reluctant to recognize changes in the files in the younger versions.
The only thing I can say is that files that have been tagged by mp3tag are tagged according to standard and the covers should be visible in any program that follows the mp3 standard.

Is there any way that can find out or tag to sort the cover position "Front" or "Other"


I have found a way {Mistakenly}

Tag Panel (Ctrl + Q) should be on / selected.

  1. select songs [you want to change the cover]

  2. mouse right click on the cover section of the Tag Panel

  3. Select > "Set Cover Type" > Click of Type "Front Cover", "Back Cover" "Other" etc. [you want to make]


Done !

All Covers are shifted to covers you wanted to make them.

Please do it on your risk, unless confirmed by Mp3Tag Masters.


You can set the type of multiple covers in multiple files only if you want to have the same covers in all the files. Otherwise you do not see which cover you are currently processing.
You problem looked to me as though you wanted to assign various covers to various files which is not possible.